A Mind Unshackled
Pondering the things that most dare not ponder.


I have, over the last few years, noticed several disturbing parallels between the decline of modern pornography and the decline of modern fast food. Thus the title, “McPorn.” For example, modern pornography is produced in gluttonous quantities, with ever-declining quality, flooding the market with drivel. Modern fast food, as modern porn, is strikingly predictable and homogeneous, with little or no sign of a personal touch. And, as it’s difficult to find a really good piece of pornography lately, it’s also nearly impossible to hunt down a good-quality cheeseburger. And finally, both McPorn and McDonalds can easily make you ill if you consume them.

Why should this be so? In both cases, it is because of the decline in the tastes of the consumers. Whereas before, you might easily have found critics and connoisseurs of both of these commodities, nowadays, such enlightened consumers are nearly impossible to find. Where have all the pornography-viewers with the discerning tastes gone? Why do Americans settle for such low quality in their sexual entertainment? If you’re going to use porn at all, why use garbage?

Think about it.

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